City Council not addressing Mill Creek trouble at Mondays meeting

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COLUMBIA - The city council does not plan to address the Mill Creek transmission line controversy at its meeting Monday, because it said it's a done deal. 

On Wednesday, Columbia Water and Light met with the community about the city's plan to place transmission lines across the street from the Mill Creek Elementary School playground as part of the route of power lines. 

Many parents are trying to change the route that also goes through homes. However, City Councilman Michael Trapp said the meeting is to get input on small changes to the plan. He told KOMU 8 News changing the proposed route completely is almost impossible. 

"It might be more along the lines of placement of a particular power pole versus changing the routing," Trapp said. "That's kind of a big change and we already had that public discussion, took that input and made that decision a couple years ago." 

Trapp said he has spoken with residents who have expressed concerns with the route. Anyone with a concern is welcome to present at the end of a city council meeting for three mintues. But he's not sure how effective that would be this late in the game. 

"For me it's largely a settled issue," Trapp said. "We vetted all the information, weighed all the evidence and I think we made the correct decision," Trapp said. 

However one parent felt the council left out one important thing in its research. 

"We want the city and the city council to reconsider the safety of our children, number one," said Mill Creek parent Melinda Jenne. 

 Construction on the route is set to begin in 2017.