City Council Ordinance

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COLUMBIA - The City Council passed an ordinance again on Tuesday that gives mobile home park residents three months of free rent if an owner closes a park.  The council reopened discussions on the ordinance that was originally passed in Novemeber.  City Counselor Fred Boeckmann said the ordinance passed at the November 7th meeting violated the Missouri Constitution.

The problem is the exisiting ordinance would impair current mobile home park contracts.  Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe proposed an amendment to the ordinance so that it would not apply to existing contracts.  It would go into affect for contracts signed after November 7th. 

Mayor Bob McDavid said he'll support the legislation but he's concerned this won't solve the problem.  He said owners will find a way to get around the ordinance but he hopes this will send a message to park owners.

Hoppe said she thinks this is a conservative ordinance in comparison to mobile home resident laws in other states.

Other council people opposed the ordinance.  One council person that spoke against the ordiance said it's not fair to have park owners pay monthly expenses for the up keep of the park but not get any income.

Another council person said he thinks this is dangerously close to legislating private property rights.

In the end the ordinance was passed 5-2 with an amendment that this would not apply to existing contracts.