City Council to Consider Amending Eviction Codes

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COLUMBIA - At Monday night's city council meeting, members will consider an amendment to city code, which would extend the eviction period for trailer park residents an additional 60 days.

The current city codes give trailer park residents 120 days to relocate, but the proposed amendment would give tenants 180 days.

Regency Mobile Home Park residents said this extra 60 days would have been helpful, as they received eviction notices about a week ago.

But even if the City Council approves the change, it is too late for Regency residents. This is because they received the notices prior to the change in the eviction codes and therefore any amendments made to the codes wouldn't apply to previous evictions. 

The period of 120 days leaves Regency Mobile Home Park to relocate over the winter season, which one resident says will be an issue.

"Trying to wheel, pull a car or semi through the snow. That's ridiculous. I mean, there is no possible way," the resident said.

Not only the time of the relocation is an issue, but the cost.

Another resident said relocating his trailer would cost him an estimated $4,000. Aspen Heights, the apartment complex buying the property, is only offering residents $1,200 in relocation reimbursement, and that's only if they rezone the property. The council votes on the rezoning of the trailer park property at its Nov. 21 meeting. 

Residents also expressed concern about their elderly and disabled neighbors. One resident suggests that elderly and disabled tenants should get an additional 60 days.

Most say they do not plan to relocate in Columbia as they have been moved or seen others moved too many times to make the same mistake again.

The City Council will discuss the amendment to the eviction city code Monday.