City Council to Discuss New Proposal for Tiger Town USA

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COLUMBIA - According to City documents, a new Columbia resident wants to launch the city's Tiger Town USA concept in time for the upcoming Georgia Game. Tiger Town USA was reported to not be implemented due to the lack of desire to finance the project. Andrew Ouart and his company, Game Day Entertainment, LLC, has formally offered  to finance the Tiger Town USA project on behalf of the city of Columbia.

Tiger Town USA is a pregame festival concept that would be implemented before every home game. The concept has been on the table before, but the city did not have enough funding to make it happen.

Ouart wrote an email to the city expressing his interest in launching the festivities. His request to meet with Mayor McDavid and Chief of Police Ken Burton led to the city council adding the issue back into the council agenda Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.

Ouart writes he would like Tiger Town to start the Georgia game this upcoming Saturday as well as for every home game of the season.

Ouart says that Tiger Town will be at a minimal to no cost to the city where the production is estimated to be more than $50,000 a week and more than $300,000 for the season. All of the expense would be funded by Ouart's company, Game Day Entertainment, LLC.


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