City Council to Vote on Compromised Trail

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia City Council will vote Monday night on whether to approve the compromised Scott's Branch Trail route. The trail would go through the southern portion of the Audubon Nature Sanctuary from Dublin Park to Weaver Street.

The compromised route the Columbia Audubon Board approved has no switchbacks.  No trees are to be removed at the Sanctuary either. However, a 12 foot trail would go through part of the area behind Bray Avenue. One of the residents there wouldn't be surprised if she sees water in her house after construction.

"If you'll go look down Providence Road when it's raining, water washes everywhere," Bray Avenue resident Joyce Hulett said. "That water from here will be in my basement and will wash away my landscape in my back yard."

Down the street, one biker would like to see the trail put in place for safety reasons. That way bikers might be able to use the trail instead of streets or sidewalks.

"I think it's kind of dangerous in the streets," Bray Court resident Whitney Hicks said. "And it's more pleasant to ride a bike in a natural area and enjoy the beauty."

If the city council approves the Audubon compromise, the entire Columbia Audubon Society would then have to vote before construction will begin. Only the society's board has voted on the compromise so far. They voted 8-0 in favor of the city constructing the trail.