City Council Votes to Move Forward With Trail Construction

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COLUMBIA - The city council unanimously voted Monday to move forward with a plan to build a trail on the property of the environmentalist Audubon Society. The council voted after a public hearing based on a compromise introduced by the Society.

The conditions put forth would ensure that the city build the trail along the southern portion of the property. Other conditions include that no trees be harmed, the trail will only be 8 feet wide with 2-foot easements on each side. Furthermore, the conditions state that no dogs will be allowed on the property and that the society will have final approval of the route.

The council agreed in principle that the area should remain "as natural as possible," but did not go into details on whether it would follow all of the conditions set forth by the Audubon Society.

The Audubon board of directors voted on the compromise. The decision is not final, because the Society's general members still must vote as a whole. If they decide to reject the motion, it could cause more problems later on for the city and its plans to build the trail there.