City Groups Discuss Legalization of Medical Marijuana

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COLUMBIA - Multiple city groups met Thursday to discuss marijuana and its future in the Columbia community. The Columbia City Council asked the commissions to research the topic and report back with their findings.

It comes after a proposed change to the city's current marijuana ordinance. If approved, the change would allow people with a doctor's recommendation to possess up to 35 grams of medical marijuana. Another change to the ordinance would be the cancellation of the Class A misdemeanor charge that comes with the possession of marijuana.

The Columbia Disabilities Commission discussed the benefits medical marijuana has on people with disabilities.

Disabilities Commission Chairman Chuck Graham said, "I know there are several people on the commission who do believe in medicinal marijuana so I'm sure they'll bring some discussion."

The Board of Health and the Substance Abuse Advisory Commission held a public forum Thursday night where the groups invited the public to share their opinions on the proposed change. The groups plan to compile the feedback from the meeting and then present it to the city council before the ordinance change is voted on.