City Hall Ribbon Cutting

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COLUMBIA - On Wednesday, Columbia celebrated the rededication of the historic Daniel Boone Building. This has been a three phrase project renovating the building. The Daniel Boone Building used to be a hotel in 1917. Now the building connects to the new city hall. The goal was to create additional space for city departments to work downtown at the city hall, so they added 120,000 square feet of office space. Since it's hard to bring a historical aspect to offices, the city restored the lobby to look like the old hotels. Tony St. Romaine, Assistant City Manager, said "We certainly didn't want to  lose the historical significance old Daniel Boone Building."

The light fixtures resemble those from the original hotel and there is even a clock in the building that was in the original hotel. This building joins together with City Hall to serve as a place where residents can make one stop to get everything done. Romaine says, "It's really all known as city hall." This is the taxpayers building so the rededication was for Columbia residents to be able to celebrate the completetion of their City Hall.