City hosts Free Breakfast for National Bike to Work Day

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COLUMBIA - Hundreds of bikers from around the area came together Friday morning to celebrate one of the state's newest holidays. Earlier this year the state passed a bill making Bike to Work Day an official holiday, and Friday the city and Columbia Pedestrian and Pedaling Network helped ring it in.

The city and area businesses sponsored five breakfast locations across Columbia as part of the annual Bike, Walk and Wheel week. Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation estimates that nearly one thousand people will attend one of the locations.

Attendees say that biking to work is a good way to stay fit and get out to enjoy the weather.

"From the bit of riding I did I got to work and I felt more alert, didn't feel like I was as dependent on coffee," cyclist Bill Clark said.

Bike Walk and Wheel Week will conclude Saturday with Trails Day in the morning and Wheelchair Wash and Roll and a trivia night Saturday evening.