City Hosts Neighborhood Congress

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COLUMBIA - The city of Columbia will host a Neighborhood Congress Tuesday night at the ARC. The Congress will take place from 5 to 8:30 PM. All residents of Columbia are welcome to attend.

The event will be broken down into three parts. The first includes a City Council office hours where residents can meet one-on-one with the council member in charge of their prospective ward. At the same time, a information fair will take place where residents can learn about Columbia's programs and departments.

After the fair, a forum will take place where residents can discuss general neighborhood issues such as public infastructure, ward reapportionment, and growth development. A section of the  forum will be devoted to specific ward issues as well.

Later this year, neighborhood organizing workshops will take place to build on the topics brought up at Neighborhood Congress.

For a complete schedule of events, click here.