City is taking community feedback for future plans

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COLUMBIA - The city's Vision Commission is doing a re-visioning process based off of public hearings and community feedback, tackling economic development and transportation, Monday.

The goal is to update the original vision plan completed in 2008 that covered 13 different categories. At Monday's meeting, commission members will tackle two of the 13 topics covered in the original plan: Economic Development and Transportation. 

The hope is the visions created in 2008 are still relevant to the city in 2015 and beyond. 

"A lot has changed in Columbia since 2008, and so new concerns come up, new issues come up. And we want to make sure that there's a counterfight somewhere written down for the city council and city staff to say 'hey, things should change. Here's new goals we may have and want to see accomplished," said commission member Maurice Harris. 

Once the goals are revamped for each category, the commission will submit an updated vision plan to the city council, letting them know what community members believe they should be focused on. 

Harris stressed this is a process the community should be involved in, and their feedback is vital to the progression of the city. 

"We encourage the public to be involved and give their opinion, and their comments and concerns to us because that's what we're here for," Harris said.

He encouraged community members to attend meetings every fourth Monday at 5:30 p.m. in the city hall building, and to continue to provide the commission with feedback on its website