City Manager Disputes Boone County Sheriff\'s Crime Comments

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COLUMBIA - Columbia City Manager Mike Matthes and Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey disagree about Columbia's crime rates.

While presenting the city's 2014 budget Friday morning, Matthes said he is proud of the Columbia Police Department (CPD), and does not support the sheriff's criticism of Columbia Police.

"They are doing great work. The Sheriff has criticized the police department, and I am here today to tell you the Sheriff is wrong," said Matthes. "He is not using facts to back up his assertions, and I don't know why, but I have brought the facts today."

Sheriff Carey has said several times he has a problem with CPD administration for not taking a proactive approach to Columbia's crime problem.

According to Boone County Detective Tom O'Sullivan, Sheriff Carey is not critical of the rank-and-file officers, but of the administration.

KOMU 8 News went to Mathes' office where we got the "facts" he talked about in Friday's meeting. The city clerk gave us a sheet with Columbia's crime rates for the past 20 years from the Columbia Police Department.

While KOMU 8 News couldn't get in contact with Matthes to ask what he meant by the facts and Carey's "assertions," O'Sullivan said he thinks Matthes is referring to a comment Sheriff Carey made two weeks ago on the radio.

On the show, Carey said Boone County is the most violent county in the state with respect to guns. He got those facts from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

 "We were given those facts by the ATF," said O'Sullivan. "I don't know what Mr. Matthes is talking about. I'm not aware of Mr. Matthes having any training or background in law enforcement."

O'Sullivan said Sheriff Carey is standing by his statement that Boone County is the most violent county in Missouri. He points to crime statistics that say at least 60 shootings have happened since June 1.

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