City of Columbia Announces Proposed Budget for 2013 Fiscal Year

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COLUMBIA - City Manager Mike Matthes announced the proposed budget for the 2013 fiscal year Tuesday morning.

The budget will close the gap between expenditures and revenues by $1 million dollars.  Matthes expects the gap to close entirely by the 2014 fiscal year.

There will be increases in utility rates, which will cost customers an additional $5.82 per month.  Garage parking permit fees will increase by $5 per month, to help pay for maintenance and cleaning costs. 

There are also some fee reductions.  Admission to Lake of the Woods pool and Little Mates Cove will cost one dollar less.

There are no sales or property tax increases.

The city also has several new initiatives outlined in the budget.  There'll be road resurfacing efforts, additional training for city employees to develop skills, and across the board raises for all employees.  Permanent employees will get an additional $0.27/hour and firefighters will earn an extra $0.19/hour.  The budget calls for an increased training budget for police officers as well.

Matthes said the pension benefits for new employees will follow a new plan, but that the city will honor its current plan members.