City of Columbia changes web address, Twitter handle

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COLUMBIA — The City of Columbia changed their web address recently from to as part of a move to appeal more to Columbia residents.

Using the old address will still link you to the city’s website, at least for now. City department and employee email addresses and the city’s Twitter handle have also changed to the simpler name.

Steven Sapp was appointed to a new position as director of community relations last January, and he says part of his new job is to make information more accessible for the community, and make the communications department more relatable. One step towards this goal is embracing the nickname “Como.”

“We’re just capitalizing on something that’s been around for a number of years,” Sapp said in reference to the nickname. The new domain name cost the city less than $100.

Sapp said all communications efforts including media services for the city have been moved into one department.

“Certainly one of our biggest goals is to be open and transparent,” Sapp said. 

Sara Humm, Columbia’s public relations specialist, said that the city will send out a press release regarding the change soon.

“We wanted to make sure everything was working correctly first, and so far we haven’t had any problems,” Humm said.

As for what's next, Sapp said his department is looking into enhancing and updating the city's website.