City of Columbia Could Spot Check Aspen Heights

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COLUMBIA - Columbia said it could possibly be spot checking Aspen Heights for occupancy permits this week if more calls come into the utility offices. 

KOMU 8 News spoke with the Building Regulations Supervisor for Columbia, Phil Teeple, Wednesday morning to confirm reports that some of the residents are living in places that have not passed inspection.

Teeple said the city has issued about 1/4 of the permits for the housing development.

After looking at the city permits website KOMU 8 News can confirm that some, but not all, of the homes have occupancy permits issued.

On move-in day only 1/3 of the residents were able to move into their homes.

Connor Nix who lives in the development called KOMU 8 News when he was unable to switch his water and electricity out of Aspen Heights name. The city utility office told him his apartment did not have an occupancy permit. 

According to the city of Columbia's web site, Nix's apartment passed inspection on the day he moved in, and an occupancy permit has been issued.

Aspen Heights is paying for all of the residents water and electricity for the time being because of all the construction and hassle that has been going on.