City of Columbia discusses plans for sewer and stormwater repairs

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COLUMBIA - Later Tuesday, May 7, the City of Columbia will host an interested parties meeting where residents can discuss the 2019 plans for repairing the sewer and stormwater systems. 

"Folks may ask what type of disturbance will I have and, hopefully, the pictures may help explain that," said Engineering Specialist Nathan Runyan. 

Runyan says the process will not take more than one day and, most of the time, it only lasts 3 to 5 hours.

"Really what we're fixing is failing infrastructure, so what happens where we do have a lot of rain, and if there's holes in those storm pipes, it tends to suck the soil that's around those storm pipes through the pipes," said Engineering Operations Manager, Erin Keys.  

The city plans to fix 830 feet of public stormwater pipe and inlets, along with 90,000 feet of sewer main and manholes.

In total, the repair projects for the stormwater pipes will cost the city an estimated $230,000 and $3.2 million for the sewer pipes. 

Before repairs begin, Columbia residents can expect to receive a hanger on their door with the necessary information and a number to call if they need.