City of Columbia Gets Public Feedback on Sidewalks

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COLUMBIA- The City of Columbia invited the public to provide feedback on its master sidewalk plan Monday afternoon at the Arc. The open house was directed by the City of Columbia's Community Development Commission. Citizens were able to "drop- in" and give opinions and input on the 2012 draft.

More than a dozen people showed up. Three members of the Community Development Commission were there to inform citizens on the drafted sidewalk plan and answer questions. 

There are 39 sidewalks on the master plan. Community Development Director, Tim Teddy, says that Columbia is in great need of new sidewalks in old neighborhoods.

"We are lacking in some of our older areas including areas that have high traffic roads, that have bus routes, that are crippled routes to school or activities centers like shopping centers and city parks," said Teddy.

The plan is subject to change based on public input and ideas from the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. The Community Development Team and Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee plans to submit a copy of the draft to City Council at the end of the year. 

Resident, Farah Nieuwenhuizen, suggested a sidewalk be built on the intersection of Broadway and Rothwell because the area is not safe for younger people who walk to school and grocery stores.

"Cars are driving 45 miles per hour because this is the speed limit," said Nieuwenhuizen. "If for some reason the car deviates from the road it can hit you and it can kill people, so we really need to put some sidewalks there."

The draft plan includes new sidewalks on:


  • Business Loop 70 to Big Bear
  • Providence from Douglass Park to Flat Branch
  • Providence/ Business Loop Intersection
  • Fairview Road Sidewalk: From Fairview Elementary School to north of Rollins Road 


The Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee will have a follow up session on September 19th to discuss the public's input. There will be another informational meeting held on Wednesday September 12th. 

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