City of Columbia Holds Neighborhood Organizing Workshops

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COLUMBIA- The City of Columbia held the second of four neighborhood organizing workshops Wednesday evening.  This workshop was titled "Neighbors Working Together."  It is designed to help neighbors learn the value of having an active neighborhood association and give strategies to get everyone in the neighborhood involved.

Anyone can attend, but the meetings are geared toward those with neighborhood associations.

The Neighborhood Services Department has been working to make the neighborhood association for the Columbia Housing Authority more active. These workshops help provide the guidelines for that.

Those at the meeting received a file folder with tips to work together and strategies for easy collaboration. 

Bill Cantin works for Neighborhood Services.  He organizes the workshops in collaboration with Unite 4 Healthy Neighborhoods and University Extension.

Cantin said, "Sometimes we overlook how important it is just to know who your neighbors are and build that kind of community support network that for whatever reason isn't as strong as it maybe has been in the past. That's kind of something we're trying to just bring back."

There are two more meetings in this series.  The November 2nd meeting will discuss planning a future for neighborhoods. The November 16th meeting will teach ways to get neighbors involved in local projects.

The workshops are held at the Walton Building, 300 S. Providence Road from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.