City of Columbia plans to examine infrastructure

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission is trying to find a better way to allocate land for new development proposals.

The commission plans to use an "Infrastructure Scorecard" that would allow the commission to rate plots of land and determine if a plan for a new development is appropriate for the plot of land. The scorecard comes from the city's development plan. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission met Thursday to follow up with city planners on the scorecard, which has been in the works for several months.

The lead planner of the Infrastructure Scorecard, Clint Smith, said he is aware there have been other plans related to infrastructure, including an infrastructure task force, but this plan would look different.

"Ours is going to kind of come from the standpoint more of the city and other utility providers," Smith said.

Smith said previous infrastructure plans, such as the task force, have been more comprehensive beyond concerns with utilities.

The plan for the scorecard would be modeled after a scorecard used for Boone County which rates sewer, roads and water systems, among other usage categories. The Infrastructure Scorecard would rate similar categories for Columbia but would also include ratings for electricity, solid waste, police and parks.

The commission is not only concerned with the complete list of infrastructure items which would be included in the scorecard, but also costs and long-term maintenance to implement it. The cost of implementing the scorecard's attributes has not yet been determined.