City Staff Negotiats Possible Greyhound Contracts

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia staff and its transit department continue to create a contract with Greyhound Lines Inc. Tuesday that would allow the company to use Wabash Station as its Columbia bus terminal.

The City Council unanimously passed a motion to explore this opportunity last week at the city council meeting. Greyhound proposed a 10-year agreement with the city. If accepted, Wabash Station would be in charge of ticket sales, which is estimated to earn the city more than $54,000. Busses would pick-up at Wabash and are estimated to make five pick-ups a day.

Transportation Supervisor Drew Brooks thinks this move could help Columbia Transit with money issues. Brooks said, "The budget problems we have had over the past few years, this can help. It will certainly help a little bit."

He went on to say the possible addition to the Wabash station would not only help economically, but also be a convenience for bus riders.

He said, "For those who don't have a car, they can take a bus directly to the Wabash Station, then catch a bus to an interstate bus, so it seems like it would be a good fit to have a variety of transportation options."

Brooks said the Wabash Station will not have to hire more people if Greyhound moves to Wabash. He said the workload would not increase, because the only change would be an additional program in the bus station's computer system. 

Brooks is not the only one who thinks Greyhound is a good addition. James Davis, a Columbia resident, believes moving the hub to Wabash Station will bring more people to Columbia and help the economy.

Davis said, "It will boost the economy, bring different cultures to Columbia and let the rest of the world see us as we are."

The contract could be presented to the City Council as soon as next week.