City to Assist in Branch Removal

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COLUMBIA - The Public Works Department created a plan Wednesday to assist city residents in removing branches from their yards.

The city will pick up fallen branches with standard refuse collection. However, residents must cut all debris down to four feet or smaller. Public works also recommended taking branches to Capen Park or Parkside Drive mulch site for no charge.

After the majority of the snow melts, the city plans to offer a "Clean Up Day." During the clean-up, the city said it will create a special process to pick up larger branches that are difficult to break down. The city did not cite a specific date for this event, and said plowing is the highest priority at this time.

For Boone Electric customers with trees near power lines, public works said to call Boone Electric immediately for professional assistance. City customers should contact Columbia Water and Light at 573-875-2555. 

Ultimately, the city said branch clean up falls under the responsibility of the homeowner. Several businesses in Columbia offer branch removal services if homeowners aren't comfortable with the work required.