City urges residents to report road hazards

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COLUMBIA - A Columbia man drove into an exposed manhole Monday afternoon. While his car got stuck, it was not badly damaged.

KOMU 8 News spoke with the man whose car got stuck in the hole but he declined to reveal his personal information. His only comment on the issue was that he "did not want to create a fuss, but hoped the problem would be resolved quickly."

Columbia Public Works official, Barry Dalton, said he spoke with the Utility Department, which handles manhole covers. They are unclear what happened to the cover in question but said the situation had already been resolved.

"We take all road hazards very seriously," Dalton said. "The best way to avoid dangerous situations is by having those that see the danger call it in. That way we can address the problem quickly."

Public Works has covered the open manhole with a large rectangular iron plate for the time being until the original cover is found or replaced. 

Dalton said he urges all residents to take action when a road hazard presents itself.

"We can only fix the issues that we know exist," Dalton said. "Especially with the way the weather has been, we expect potholes will be more prevalent and if they are reported, we can fix most road problems within 24 hours."

Dalton said Public Works often receives calls for issues that are outside of its jurisdiction, but the department is happy to inform the proper officials of the concern.