City Wants Golf Course Land for Development

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COLUMBIA - The City of Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission plans to discuss the possible annexation of the Lake of The Woods Golf Course at its Thursday meeting.

It is just the first piece of the puzzle in a long-term plan to expand the jurisdiction of the City of Columbia.

The commission also has requests from Saint Charles Road Development, LLC and Columbia Public Schools to annex their properties into the city's jurisdiction. The annexations would allow those areas to have access to city services and operate under city regulations.

It's all part of a plan by Saint Charles Road Developers to commercialize the area surrounding Battle High School.

Columbia Planning and Zoning Development Services Manager, Pat Zenner said the commercialization of that area will fulfill the immediate needs of people currently residing in that area.

Zenner said, "Really this has some value for the residents that are already in that area and if its a small enough scale it doesn't overwhelm the existing infrastructure that's already there."

The Saint Charles Road developers are working to revise a previous proposal to better coincide with the existing infrastructure of the area.

The new proposal will detail the possible re-zoning of the parcel of land under city regulations. The proposal will include residential, commercial and office developments. Under Boone County regulations, developers would only be able to only allow single family housing on half acre lots.

Zenner said the new commercial site would allow for more convenience for people who live in the area or who spend the school day at Battle High.

Zenner said, " There sole goal at this point is to provide some service commercial sites to support the high school and folks that are there on a regular basis."

All of the developments on these parcels of land are dependent on the annexation of the golf course. The Saint Charles Road development plot must be contiguous with the rest of the city before it can operate under city regulations.