City Working on Plans for New Modern Bus Shelters

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COLUMBIA - MU students are collaborating with the Public Transit Advisory Commission to create new bus shelters, allowing riders a larger place to wait.

The new shelters would begin appearing around Columbia in August, in time for the start of the school year. MU architecture students are in ongoing talks with the council to develop plans. 

Drew Brooks, Multiple Modal Manager, believes the collaboration between the commission and students is going well.

"We wanted to look at ways of including university students in that process. So we reached out to that group and asked them, 'is that something you want to take on?', and they were very excited to do it and we're excited to participate," Brooks said.

The committee hopes to get the public's feedback by displaying several plans of the bus shelters through events on Earth Day.

There are 42 bus stops around Columbia and the commission hopes to install 15-20 new shelters.

Brooks says the plans are underway and should be released in May. The modern bus shelters are expected to be larger than current ones, about 8 feet by 12 feet.

The Public Transit Advisory Commission said the shelters will have upgraded technology as well as an appealing, clean look.

"We're looking for modular designs that involve bike racks and different types of technology like signing that would give you estimated times of arrival, things like that," Brooks said. "So we're looking to incorporate a variety of different options of what the designs look like and how they function."

The funding is provided by a grant that will help the project for at least two summers.

Brooks expects all of the bus shelters will be installed by spring of next year.