Civil Rights Groups Challenge Voter ID Ballot Initiative

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JEFFERSON CITY - Civil rights groups from across Missouri announced Thursday they have filed a lawsuit in Cole County court to block a constitutional amendment changing voter identification requirements. The ballot initiative would allow Missouri voters to decide on increasing identification requirements in November 2012.

Click here for the full complaint filed in Cole County court.

The Advancement Project, a group opposing the proposed changes, said the initiative is "misleading and deceptive." Denise Lieberman, who represents the group, said the ballot does not clearly state on what Missourians are voting.

According to The Advancement Project, about 230,000 Missourians currently would not meet requirements set forth by the proposal.

Governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill in June, saying the change would make voting too difficult for the elderly and disabled. But Republicans said the proposal would cut down on voter fraud.

Click here for the complete text of of the proposal.