Clark Seeks Input in Deadly Intersection Plans

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CLARK - J-turns may be coming to an intersection near you. The city of Clark is holding a meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m. to hear the public's opinion on the dangerous intersection at Route 63 and Route P.

This is the second meeting about the issue. Mark Hibbs, Clark City Clerk, said the last meeting was supposed to be informative but ended up hearing a lot of public opinion. The city released a statement that said, "the purpose of the meeting will be to gather public comments and suggestions about the installation of J-turns."

Brian Haeffner, a MoDOT engineer, told KOMU 8 J-turns began being installed on Route 63 last year and have been statistically proven safer. Haeffner said a intersections were surveyed and installing J-turns is an option for those deemed most dangerous.

"I don't think it'll work," said Darrell Ridgway, a resident of Clark. He said he fears trucks which frequent the area will have difficulty making the turn. "There's not going to be enough room for them to go down, do the J-turn, and then make the turn. They're not going to get up enough speed--the trucks will still be changing gears when they start to slow down again."

Hibbs said he doesn't believe the public is in support of the J-turns and traveled to areas where J-turns have already been installed on Wednesday to hear opinions of those who have been impacted.