Clean Line Energy Grain Belt to Bring Jobs to Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - Clean Line Energy-Grain Belt Express Line will hold a news conference Thursday morning to announce its partnership with three major Missouri Manufacturers. Hubbell Power Systems, Abb Inc. and General Cable are the three manufacturers who will partner with Clean Line Energy to bring renewable energy to Missouri.

Renewable energy is not the only thing that Clean Line Energy will bring to Mid-Missouri, it will also bring jobs to the area, according to Sarah Bray, a spokeswoman for the company. Bray said the number and types of jobs created has not yet been clarified.

In the news release it said The Grain Belt Express Clean Line will deliver wind energy from western Kansas to Missouri and other states around the midwest. It is a 750-mile overhead, direct current transmission line that will deliver 3,500 megawatts of renewable energy.

Bray also said facilities for the Grain Belt Express Clean Line will open all over the state.