Clean Up Begins After Car Crashes Into Home

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COLUMBIA - Crews continued cleanup Friday for a Columbia house that had a car crash into it Thursday afternoon.

The Columbia Fire Department responded to the accident at 1416 Risen Star Court.

According to Wytiffany Jones who lives there, a car parked in a driveway across the street began to roll down the driveway toward the home she rents. When the teenage son of the vehicle owner saw the car rolling he tried to stop it, but accidentally stepped on the accelerator causing the car to crash into Jones' home.

Jones said she was up all night protecting her property because of the lack of security for her house. 

"I've been a watchdog all night," Jones said. "I had to stop men from coming over here thinking it was scraps to throw in the back of their truck."

Jones also said was upset the fire department didn't do more to secure her house, but the fire department said it is its job to stabilize the building, not to secure it.

"Once we stabilize a scene we turn it back over to the property owner," Columbia Fire Battalion Chief Brad Fraizer said. "So, that would definitely be something that, in this case the property owner, would need to work out to get the home secure."

Jones initially had a problem contacting her home's manager, Tyler Johnston, but Johnston cleared everything up early Friday.

Johnston said he was waiting to hear from an insurance adjuster, so they could move forward to fix the issue.

The adjuster stopped by the house earlier Friday and took the claim.

Jones said although the entire ordeal has been hard on her, she is glad no one got hurt.

"Thats the good thing. Everyone is safe. Material things can be replaced, but lives can't."