Club Vogue Fight Folo

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COLUMBIA - A video from the fight outside Club Vogue Saturday night has surfaced, and one of the men arrested says he hopes it will clear his name. 

Gary Warren, pictured on the left, was arrested that night and said the video shows he didn't do what he is being charged with. 

"I was not the aggressor, I did not attack him, he attacked me and I got charged with all these cases for something I didn't do," Warren said. 

Warren said a club employee dragged him from his car. "He took it that far, to drag me out of the car, and once he started punching I realized this is not normal," Warren said. "He was actually trying to hurt me, this was no security."

The police report says otherwise. Police say Warren kicked an employee in the face and threw a glass bottle at his head. 

Warren said he was never even in the club that night, only in the parking lot. 

Officers arrested Warren on suspicion of armed criminal action, felony and misdemeanor assault and possession of a controlled substance. 

"They say I started the fight but clearly in the video I am in my truck," Warren said. "How can I start a fight when I was trying to leave? They told me to get in my truck." 

Warren gave a copy of the video to the police and hopes to see action from it.