Clyde Ruffin wins First Ward representative for Columbia City Council

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COLUMBIA - Clyde Ruffin will continue to hold the title of First Ward representative of Columbia City Council as of Tuesday night. Andrew Hutchinson and Pat Kelley were the candidates running against Ruffin.

Ruffin won with 41 percent of the votes, Hutchinson came in second with 31 percent and then Kelley with 28 percent.

Ruffin said he had an amazing team throughout the election and will get right to work.

"We have identified some strategic neighborhoods where the problems are most acute. There is one in the first ward, one in the second ward and one in the third. We are beginning to have those meetings with the residents that live in those areas to see exactly what we need to do," he said.

In regards to the low voter turnout, Ruffin said he and his team set up voting registration sites at his church and reached out to the community.

"We really work hard to increase the number of registered voters, so it's always a little disappointing, but we're not discouraged," Ruffin said.