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FAYETTE - Criminal justice students at Central Methodist University learned how to properly work a crime scene through a staged dig with the help of professors and anthropologist, Dr. Michael Finnegan. 

The dig required students to properly recover animal bones as well as other fake evidence as they would in a real situation. 

Forensic anthropology involves the study of human remains to gather evidence that can be used in legal proceedings. 

Finnegan led the students through group exercises where each was designated a specific job. 

"Over the last 40 years I have worked a lot of crime scenes. A number of them have been out in the field, recovering bodies. That's what we're training for here," Finnegan said. 

Chance Wheelan, a criminal justice student, said the experience will help him and his classmates for future jobs.  

"It's leaps and bounds for us. It's going to help us out so much in the long run and put us ahead of other people that didn't have this experience," Wheelan said. 

The dig was the first of its kind at CMU.