Co Mo Electric Works to Restore Power to Customers in Boonville

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BOONVILLE - More than 8,000 customers of Co-Mo Electric are without power Thursday. Crews from around Missouri have come to aid Co-Mo Electric to restore power to areas affected by Tuesday's massive winter storm.

Areas of key focus Thursday morning included Prairie Home, Pilot Grove, Boonville, Versailes, and Gravois Mills.

In Boonville, the power lines that cross I-70 fell Tuesday morning. Crews replaces the poles Wednesday and Thursday the power lines were stung. The crews had to shut down the interstate for five minutes to run rope across the interstate. The crews then hoist them in the air to allow traffic to continue. Once the ropes were pulled tight wires were run through to be connect and restore power.

To see an outage map go to the link at the top of the homepage at .

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