Co-workers talk about former Boone County Emergency Management Director

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COLUMBIA - Friends and family of Tom Hurley continued mourning his death Tuesday.

Hurley passed away Sunday. He worked for Boone County since 2016. One associate Boone County commissioner said he always went above and beyond his job.

"When you talk about public servant, the servant piece came first for him. He was always one that said when you asked him for something he said not no, but yes and I'll find a way to do it. Even if it was something that was out of his general wheel house, he'd find a way to do it," Janet Thompson said.

Presiding Commissioner for Boone County, Dan Atwill, said SEMA has reached out since Tom's death and has offered assistance if it becomes needed.

Atwill also spoke about the type of emergency director Hurley was.

"He did wonderful things while he was on the job, he was quick to make friends with people. Emergency management is the kind of work where you need to know everyone in all the communities and the county and he managed to make connections all over the county, worked with law enforcement, ambulance services, fire department. Some people are kind of made for a job, he was made for this job," Atwill said.

The Director of Joint Communications for Boone County, Chad Martin, a good friend of Hurley's will become the interim Emergency Management Director for now.