Coach Anderson's "Angel"

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COLUMBIA - While the fans see the hard work of the basketball players on the court, they rarely see the work of the staff in the basketball office, especially the woman who keeps Coach Anderson on schedule.

Besides Coach Anderson, four people made the move from UAB to Mizzou.

On game day, three are on the court: Assistant Coach Matt Zimmerman, Jeff Daniels and Ben Lindsey.

The other is Amanda Creamer.

You can call her secretary or personal assistant, but Coach Anderson has a different name for Amanda Creamer.

"Probably his angel. That's what he's called me since he moved to Alabama," Creamer said.

"She's one of the sweetest women I've ever met in my life," Laurence Bowers said.

Creamer and Coach go way back. After working at Arkansas while going to school, Creamer followed coach to UAB.

"My parents would have never let me move to Alabama, 9 hours from home, if it had not been for he and his family," Creamer recalled.

But Creamer brought more than her organizational skills with her. She knows just what coach needs.

"He has to have every morning his hot tea with honey and lemon and if he doesn't have honey and lemon he doesn't want it with just one or the other. Hot tea with honey and lemon," Creamer explained.

After a few years at UAB, Coach Anderson came to Mizzou, and it didn't take long for Creamer to follow.

"All my life. Like I say, if I let things get in my way, I wouldn't be where I am," Creamer said.

In more ways than one. Creamer was born with spina bifida.

"The basic parts are that parts of my spine were not covered when I was born. So, I have nerve damage and no feeling below my knees," Creamer explained.

It keeps her in a wheelchair, but doesn't keep her from going where she wants.

"She does stuff that you didn't think a person could do being limited to a wheelchair. Every game I see her I give her a kiss on the cheek and tell her I appreciate her," Bowers said.

Creamer carries motivation. You can't slow her down.

"She drives, she has her own house, she gets around, she cooks, she does this, she does that. It's amazing. I think she's a very strong, strong person," Bowers explained.

"They can look at me and know that I'm not going to let something stop me and I'm not going to let obstacles get in my way," Creamer said.

Amanda says her biggest mistake is over-scheduling Coach. Her favorite attribute about Coach is his loyalty.

You can find Amanda a couple rows behind the Missouri bench during all Tiger home games.