Coal Free Mizzou Hopes to Influence Board of Curators

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COLUMBIA - The student organization Coal Free Mizzou packed the University of Missouri Board of Curators meeting Thursday to discuss the use of coal at the MU power plant.

The group says 50 students and community members showed up to support a petition to transition the plant on the edge of MU's campus to renewable energy by 2015.  The plant is primarily a coal burning plant.  Renewable energy includes solar power, wind power, geothermal and efficiency. 

According to the Clean Air Task Force, emmisions from the plant cause 11 deaths, 17 heart attacks and 11 deaths per year. 

The group met with curators as they arrived at Memorial Union for the meeting. They showed curators storyboards of information on the mines that send coal to the plant as well as the harm to students and those in the Columbia community from the plant's burnoff. 

The group proposed the switch to renewable energy at the public portion of the meeting, supported by 3,000 signed petitions. The petitions claim that the power plant provides 80 percent of power on campus.

According to MU Campus Facilities Energy Management, the power plant blends up to 10 percent of locally supplied woody bio-mass into power plant boilers.  Their website also stated that the university was hoping to have a 100 percent fully bio-mass fueled boiler by mid-2012.