Cold temperatures

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COLUMBIA - Mid-Missouri experienced quite a bit of snow, ice and freezing temperatures on Sunday, but those didn't stop a local family from wanting to go outside to the park. 

DeWayne Dungan, a Columbia resident, took his two kids, Kai and Liv, to Stephens Lake Park off East Broadway to go sledding and have fun, despite cold weather conditions. 

"My kids always like to come sleigh riding," Dungan said. "I bundle them up really well, so if they want to come out, I let them come out, you know, to play for a little bit." 

Dungan said they started to leave after about being outside for 40 minutes. He said he likes the winter, as long as it snows. Otherwise, it isn't fun. 

"It's pretty when it snows, so I don't mind it," Dungan said. "I don't like to sit out in the cold weather, but I don't mind the snow." 

Dungan said if it hadn't been at least 20 degrees, he probably wouldn't have brought his kids out. He said this morning, his kids wanted to come out, but it was only around four degrees. 

"I say just come out and enjoy it while you can, as long as it's not too cold," Dungan said. "It is kind of fun to be out. It's kind of cold, but if you bundle up, you can stay warm and it's okay." 

Kai Dungan, son of DeWayne Dungan, said he was excited about the snow in his hometown. He also said going sledding is really fun. 

"You go down [the hill] and it's really fast and you can go over [the bottom of the hill] and slide across," Dungan said. 

Dungan goes to New Haven Elementary School in Columbia. He said he hopes there's going to be a snow day for Monday, but also hopes the snow doesn't melt. 

KOMU 8 News reached out to MoDOT for updates on road safety and safety for being outside and about, but MoDOT did not respond for comment.