Cold Temperatures at True/False

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COLUMBIA - People will brave the cold for the 11th annual True/False Film Fest, which kicks off in downtown Columbia on Thursday.

David Wilson, the Co-conspirator for True/False says there are still several thousand tickets available to purchase at the box office and he believes about five thousand people will use the "Q" system.

The "Q" system gives people a chance to see a film, even if you couldn't buy or reserve a ticket in advance.

The weather for last year's festival was not ideal and people bundled up because there was still snow on the ground.

Volunteers are preparing for the cold temperatures expected for this weekend to make sure people stay warm.

"We are setting up heaters at some locations, some places we have tents and are trying everything we can to keep everyone warm," said Wilson. "And really people will take advantage of the "Q" system. Ideally, you get the "Q" number and go away. You can go warm up inside somewhere. You come back 15 minutes before  show time and we are going to make sure we do everything we can to make sure people get in, in that amount of time.

Wilson also said this year the festival expanded the visual art and sculptures in downtown Columbia. Crews started assembling sculptures Wednesday morning. Jesse Hall will have a yarn sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the rotunda.

For more information on the festival, click on this link.