Cold Temperatures Put Sprinkler Fun on Hold

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COLUMBIA - Spray parks in Columbia opened for business on Thursday, but unseasonably cold temperatures put the fun on hold.

The city opens the parks well before the public pools in order to give children and families somewhere to cool off before the pools are ready.

Even though the last two May 1 openings have been cooler, the City of Columbia's Parks and Recreation department opens them anyway. According to Tammy Miller, Public Relations Specialist at the Parks and Rec department, they're easy to maintain and there's no staff to send home.

"The fortunate thing is that these facilities aren't staffed," she said. "They're just there available to the public whenever the public wants to use them, so we feel like it's not a huge problem for the date to stay at May 1st."

The parks remain open for the summer and the month of September, and close September 28th.