Colder Spring Temperatures Affect Landscaping Businesses

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COLUMBIA - The spring season is usually peak time for landscape businesses to lay sod and plant shrubs, flowers and trees, but the temperatures are below average this season.

Some people are anxious for the spring time weather to start, especially since last year at this time, it was at least 70 degrees on average.

Landscaping company owners like Kenny Kvam have to work with the weather to make money around this time.

"Well this time of year you are doing some maintenance work like pruning the shrubs back; the ones that didn't die from last year at least," said Kvam. "Doing some bed maintenance, mulching and edging. Not a whole lot of planting yet because it was frozen ground there for a while and then the snow and it was really muddy after all the rain."

But Kvam also stays busy during the winter months when snow falls in Mid-Missouri. He also works to remove snow in Columbia.

"It was nice to finally get some of our new equipment out," said Kvam. "We used our new blades for the first time, so snow is not always bad."

Kvam also said he is looking forward to a wonderful growing season and warmer weather to work in.