Colder Temperatures Mean Late Spawning For Fishing Season

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COLUMBIA - Colder temperatures this spring season is delaying spawning in mid-Missouri. Abbott said the fish are supposed to lay its eggs around mid to end of April with temperatures at about 70 degree weather.

"This spawning could occur this week or next," Abbott said.

Abbot said typically the crappie fish will spawn first, then the bass and bluegill fish, but this delay will cause most of the spawning for all kinds of fish to happen at the same time. Fish Specialist Blaine Abbott said typically spawning is the best time to catch bigger fish.

"They come up to the banks and they come up to shallow waters to four or five feet, depending on water clarity. It's usually the easiest time to pick the bigger fish when they're spawning," Abbott said.

Bass Pro Shops offered some fishing tips this upcoming season by demonstrating how to place the bait and describing differents kinds of baits to use for each fish in Missouri. Abbott said crappie fish tend to bite onto a suspending jerk bait that swerves in the water so it can mimick a minnow's movement. Abbott said Lizard bait attracts mostly largemouth bass that can trigger an agressive attack when mother sees the bait close to its eggs. Abbott said a lipless crank bait is used before or after a fish spawn in shallow waters.