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COLE COUNTY - The Cole County sheriff said Friday the two suspects wanted in the murder there last weekend have turned themselves in. Cole County Sheriff Greg White said family members convinced 23-year-old Rafael Fuentes and 22-year-old Jose L. Hurtado to turn themselves in for the murder of Francisco Navarro.

The two suspects contacted their attorney and told them they would go to the police. The lawyer set up a meeting between deputies, Fuentes and Hurtado. Deputies took both suspects into custody.

The Sheriff's Department says the two suspects left the state at some point this week but did not say where or when.

Cole County Sheriff Greg White said Monday that Navarro was getting out of the passenger seat of his friend's pick-up truck when two suspects confronted Navarro and the driver. White said the suspects accused the driver of revving the truck's engine and that its loud muffler offended them. The driver said Monday he denied any intent to offend the men, but the men attacked. White said the suspects shot Navarro with a 9mm gun after he got out of the pickup to intervene in the fight.