Cole County Burglaries Update

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JEFFERSON CITY - Prosecutors charged three people Friday for a string of burglaries in Cole County over the past week. 

Douglas Wright, Cheswick Cheatham, and Ardaris Cheatham face charges of first-degree burglary. 

Ardaris Cheatham and Douglas Wright are charged with three counts each of the class B felony of first degree burglary, including burglary of electronics, firearms, and intent to distribute heroin. 

Cheswick is charged with two counts of first degree burglary, including theft of electronics and firearms. 

Cheswick is a convicted felon, which means he is not legally allowed to possess the firearms deputies said they found on him. 

Deputies said Ardaris already had a valid warrant for his arrest and Wright was also a felon with posession of firearms when found and arrested. 

Prosecutors said Jessica McPeak admitted to driving the three around on January 19th while they broke into two different homes.

The burglaries took place on Hidden Valley, Tanner Bridge Rd., and North Teal Bottom Rd. on Thursday.

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