Cole County Church Raises Money for Africa Missionary

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COLE COUNTY - Solid Rock Church in Cole County finished up a two-day rummage sale Saturday.

The goal was to raise money for a missionary trip to Ethiopia. The church raised $1,200 for a group of six teens and nine adults to travel to Africa.

For this group, the trip will serve two purposes. According to one of the church's pastors Chad Pond, the first is to spread hope through the word of god. During the mission trip, the group will meet one-on-one with an Ethiopian community to give them hope that through god they can get through any conflicts they might face.

The other goal is to learn a little more about themselves and how lucky they are to live the lives they live.

"There life changes because over there they won't have the cell phones, like we have, they don't have the ability to just go to the McDonald's, they don't get to go hang out with their friends you, you know, like we do here. There life will be changed coming back here and being able to appreciate the things here," Chad said.

"I want to be closer to god, of course, but I also want to have a different perspective on life because I am very fortunate. I have all the, anything you could really ask for. So I mean just get a different perspective and see how fortunate I am," Hannah Pond said.

The missionary group will leave for Ethiopia in November.