Cole County Commission, EMS to discuss smart phone app

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JEFFERSON CITY - New technology could eventually make its way into the hands of Cole County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) employees.

Cole County EMS will meet with the Cole County Commission Wednesday to begin discussion to develop a smartphone application.

The iPad style app would be used for internal operations by EMS employees and would not be available to the general public.

Cole County EMS Director Mike Shirts said the app would give EMS workers the ability to cut out some of its paperwork and help to create efficiency.

That efficiency, Shirts said, would allow EMS to better serve Cole County residents. 

Shirts said the project was in its earliest stages, and they hope to begin to work to get permission to start development on the app. 

He hopes the app will be available in six months to one year.

Cole County Commission Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman said he does not believe any vote will be taken during Wednesday's meeting. 

The meeting is set to begin at 9 a.m.