Cole County considering new 911 center

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Cole County Commission is considering a new 911 call center.

The new system is receiving consideration because the Cole County Commission's contract for Joint 911 is up for renewal.

"We're looking at whether that's the best way to spend our dollars or whether we're better off setting up a separate 911 dispatching service for county operations," Presiding Commissioner Marc Ellinger said.

Under the proposed 911 center, Cole County would take over dispatching for the sheriff's department and for the county fire departments. Currently, Cole County dispatches ambulances.

Cole County counselor Jill LaHue said the cost of Joint 911 contract is close to $400,000. 

"We're just exploring this," Ellinger said. "There's not a commitment to do anything or not to do anything. It's just the due diligence of making sure we run down all the information before making a decision."

The new call center would allow people to text into emergency services.

A decision is scheduled for October 15.