Cole County EMS looking to hire more staff

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COLE COUNTY - Cole County will soon be getting an upgrade to their emergency medical services team after Cole County Commission agreed on Tuesday to hire more staff.

Commissioners met with Paramedics Plus LLC to see what improvements could be made to increase efficiency.

Presiding Commissioner Sam Bushman said the group suggested the team hire more dispatchers.

"There's times when we're swamped. You can have a weekend and a lot of calls coming in, so their recommendation is to have more personnel there," Bushman said.

Cole County EMS is looking to hire four dispatchers and one field supervisor.

Bushman said additional dispatchers will help to increase efficiency during emergencies. As of now, there is only one working emergency dispatcher.

"Now we will have supervisors working 24 hours a day in the office," he said.

Peak times for Cole County EMS are between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Kevin Wieberg, Cole County EMS Public Information Officer, said in order to improve the communications division, EMS needs capital improvements for the implantation of more emergency medical dispatch.

"Requesting four additional dispatchers in our communications center, that allows us to have more people on at one time, and that's a big benefit for the people of Cole County," Wieberg said. "They'll be able to get more detailed, pre-arrival instructions than what we're able to present them today."

Wieberg said additional dispatchers will also improve time management.

"The reason for four dispatchers is we have folks that are EMT's now that are dispatching, that we would be able to utilize them in the field and actually implement emergency medical dispatch to be able to better the needs of Cole County," he said.

Wieberg said they have already started the hiring process for the new positions, but it may take a couple of months to get them going due to many hours of training.

Bushman said he hopes to have the positions filled soon.

"It's just going to make us more effectual. We're just trying to make it the best ambulance in the state of Missouri, that's what our goal is," he said.

For more information on job postings, visit Cole County's website.