Cole County flood clean up kits available

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JEFFERSON CITY - Flooding cleanup kits are now available for those affected by recent natural disasters at the Cole County Emergency Management Office.

Items included in the kits are a shovel, face mask, and other cleaning supplies.

Supplies was donated through Convoy of Hope out of Springfield.

Bill Farr, a worker at Cole County Emergency Management, said this is a larger initiative than just Jefferson City.

"Several of the surrounding counties around Cole County have this as well to help those victims out in this need,” Farr said.

Some places helping victims require identification or proof of need, but Farr said this help is easier than that.

“All [victims] have to do is come by and pick it up."

Farr said they will have the kits for anyone as long as needed.

“If we run out of these we can always get more as the need rises," he said.

The kits can be picked up at Jefferson City/Cole County Emergency Management Office located at 1736 Southridge Drive in Jefferson City.