Cole County Flooding Affecting Low Water Crossings

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COLE COUNTY - The excessive rain that showered mid-Missouri this week had Cole County Emergency Management Workers concerned Thursday.  Emergency Director of CCEM told KOMU 8 News many of the areas that will see flooding are "Low Water Crossings" and small bridges just feet above water.

Farr said several areas in Cole County where he expects to see water rise to road levels include sections of Murphy Ford Road, Sandy Fork Road, and Lohman Road.  Farr said he advises drivers to take alternate routes if their usual route includes a low water crossing. 

KOMU 8 News found one bridge on the outskirts of Jefferson City along Oilwell Road with an excessive amount of high rising water below it.  Several area residents said they have never seen flowing water below the bridge and that usually there is only dry dirt.

Russell Jones takes the bridge on Oilwell Road four to six times every day.  He said if water rose high enough to close the road it would add 15 minutes to his commute. "Normally there's little to no water at all in this drainage ditch. I've never actually seen it quite this high before," Jones said.

Farr told KOMU 8 News that the possibility of problems and damage from flooding of the Missouri River would be minimal.  He expects it to peak at around 26 feet and it would not become problematic until 30 feet. 

Farr said Cole County waterways that have a strong possibility of becoming problematic are the Moreau River and Wears Creek.