Cole County Homicide

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COLE COUNTY - Cole County authorities said Monday they are still on the lookout for two suspects who were involved in a fatal shooting at a mobile home park located on the 5100 block of Business 50 West.

Cole County Sheriff Greg White said Monday victim Francisco Navarro was getting out of the passenger seat of his friend's pick-up truck when he and the driver were confronted by the two suspects. White said the suspects accused the driver of revving the truck's engine and that its loud muffler offended them. The driver said Monday he denied any intent to offend the men, but the men attacked. White said Navarro was shot with a 9mm gun after he got out of the pickup to intervene in the fight.

"I use the word stupid...the stupidity of it. Sometimes it amazes me when we go to any type of disturbance what it is that's the trigger point," White said. 

White did not release detailed descriptions of the suspects, but said their vehicle is a dark-grey four-door sedan with extremely tinted windows and expired license plates. 

Jose Cabrales, a co-worker and friend of Navarro, described Navarro as an extremely dedicated person. Cabrales said he was in contact with Navarro's parents every hour throughout the day. He said the only question Navarro's mother keeps asking is "who could do that to my son?" 

Friends said Navarro intended to move back to Dallas over Thanksgiving to where his family members reside. But they said he decided to come back to Jefferson City to "make a few extra dollars for Christmas."