Cole County Looks For Solution to Jail Problem

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Cole County Jail will begin releasing inmates who fail to post bail. The reason a county judge and commissioners want to release inmates it limit jail overcrowding. 

The new plan, created by Presiding Judge Pat Joyce and approved by Cole County Commissioners, would allow any Cole County inmate who didn't post bail after three days to qualify for pre-trial release. If approved for release, the inmate would be allowed to leave without bail, but would be required to wear electronic monitoring devices and take drug and alcohol tests.

Bail bondsmen are currently in charge of monitoring inmates awaiting trial, but the new plan takes the bondsmen out of the equation and gives their job to city employees, costing taxpayers money.

"Taxpayers are going to be paying for services we do right now without taxpayer money", one bondsmen said.

The plan is expected to go into effect by September.